Wrap it up 2009!

So this year is rapidly coming to a close, and I’ve been extremely unproductive on account of the many holiday related activities I’ve been attending. This was the second year I got to see Gorgeous Armada’s Sleigh, and even helped with graphics for flyers and play programs and the like!
I’ll be starting 2010 off the right way, with some of the closest bestest friends I have, in the City of Sin.
This year has been full of a lot of stagnant times, but when the fun parts came around, we made them count. I made a lot of great new friends, from Chico, to Sacramento, to the Bay, and the friends I already had, we made the bond stronger.
The last couple months showed me how much support I have behind me, family and friends alike. And its good to know I don’t need to worry about those close to me judging me for who I am.

So, since I doubt that I’ll be updating this again before 2009 dies, I’ll post my “resolutions” now.

  • Update Resume and Portfolio
  • New Car
  • New City…? Stay Tuned…

That is all for now, here’s some lovely songs!
Bring it 2010!