Intro to 2010

New Years saw my Vegas plans fall through, but I’m not upset about it because I had an amazing time in Chico with wonderful people. I’ll visit Vegas someday when I have more money to blow.

In true B.Red fashion, the last 2 months have been busy and packed full of adventure, which also means I haven’t had enough time dedicated to freelance projects and personal projects. They’ll get done… eventually.
I paid a price for all my adventuring. The first week of January, I got strep throat, had that for a week, and fought it off for another week, and I’ve gotten 2 colds since!

And inbetween the colds I’ve been in SF and Chico, with only a weekend or 2 in Sacramento. Not enough going on to keep me here. After this weekend I WILL have to stay put for a while; I have projects to wrap up and money to not spend.  haha.

On one of the trips to SF, I went to SFMoMA with Leslie and Allen. There’s quite an impressive collection  of works there right now, including this gem.

This was the first time I’d gone to SF after really deciding I wanted to live there. I took in a lot more, my sense of direction there is much better now. The second trip to SF (Feb 18th), I saw Alkaline Trio and Cursive at Regency Center Grand Ballroom. GREAT show, 4th time I’ve seen Cursive. Added bonus; Rykarda Parasol was playing roughly 2 blocks from the venue, in a bar called Hemlock Tavern. On top of THAT, members from Cursive and Alkaline Trio came to that bar after the show. SO, I got a picture with Tim Kasher and got to tell him how much I appreciate their music. Personal goal crossed off the list.

Judgement Day debuted a video that I assisted in making. I made the Violin Hero logo and packaging for the game box…if you’re a fan of anything Adult Swim, you’ll appreciate this video!

My good friends Team Shark Week put up some new songs. Click the link to check them out.
Also, the amazing Allen took photos of them, check out his flickr.

Reading List:

  • Hunter S. Thompsons “The Great Shark Hunt”
  • Batman: Battle for the Cowl
  • Batman: Mad Love
  • Hack/Slash

Watching List:

  • Magnolia
  • Whip It

And for your listening pleasure, songs on my brain:

Check out my DeviantArt for all my latest drawings/sketches!
Until next time…