Professinal Skills:

• Illustration
• Logos & Branding
• Design for Marketing
• Merchandise Design
• Editorial Design
• Photography
• Print Production Management

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About Brandon Redenius:

I am a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and illustrator, with over ten years of experience in branding, marketing design, merchandise design, and print production management.

A self-taught artist and professionally trained graphic designer, my mind is constantly buzzing with creative ideas. My portfolio consists of merchandise, print material, project proposals, album packaging, environmental graphics and branding ranging from large companies to independent artists and entertainers.

Because of a steady stream of creative ideas and my self-motivating DIY mindset, I founded Black Mast with my friend Marie as an outlet for t-shirt designs and illustration work. It’s been a way for me to grow my freelance client base and connect with my own community.

With a versatile range of skills, drive, and professional attitude, I take on new projects with an open mind and a decade of professional experience to efficiently deliver the best end product possible. And I might know where to get your next t-shirt printed.

Notable clients

Bianca Del Rio
Peaches Christ
Creme Fatale
Course Hero