Indiegogo Brand Design

From 2014-2018 I worked as Senior Graphic Designer (for Marketing and Brand) at Indiegogo. Being the only designer with my focus in the company, I collaborated with multiple departments, including Marketing, HR, Sales, UX Research and more. Below you will find some of my favorite projects from my time there!

Indiegogo Internal Brand Guidelines (as of 2018)

While I was primarily the Marketing Graphic Designer, I was also heavily focused on design as it pertained to the overall brand. Initially this brand iteration was provided by an external agency, but evolved over time as pain points emerged once the brand updates were in use. I became the defacto “keeper of the brand” and would update guidelines as needed.

Indiegogo Brand Presence at CES 2018
CES 2018 was the second big collaboration with the Rubik team to develop an immersive space representing the Indiegogo brand. Rubik developed the physical space in partnership with Indiegogo, Arrow, and Ingram Micro. The partnerships with Arrow and Ingram Micro provided campaigners with important production and fulfillment resources which fit into Indiegogo’s overall campaign lifecycle. We used several success stories as proof of this lifecycle and partnerships.
The physical display was a representation of the Indiegogo campaign lifecycle and we emphasized that with messaging relating to lifecycle in the form of “from/to” statements, as in “from an idea to reality”
The event was also part of Indiegogo’s 10 year anniversary and we used a large infographic to showcase the accomplishments of the platform’s campaigners.
CES 2018 Promo for Email
The “from/to” concept was continued through marketing and event promotion, with the use of a bisected lightbulb being drafted on one side and completed on the other, quite literally “bringing ideas to life”.

We celebrated our campaigners by giving out gift packs to the innovative products that had been funded on the Indiegogo platform and were also exhibiting at the CES 2018 event. Included in the gift pack were an Innovative Product 2018 award, a ticket for a free Arduino board from Arrow, and other swag.

Indiegogo Success Story Sales Brochure (CES 2018 Takeaway collateral)
Indiegogo Brand Presence at CES 2017
For CES 2017, I was pulled in to push the Indiegogo brand in the booth development process and create a really eye-catching activation. Rubik developed the physical space, with the goal of putting the entrepreneurs at the forefront, and also served as a way to showcase the resources available to Campaigners through Indiegogo’s partnerships.
One of the three curved display walls featured the active partners, including Arrow, Riverwood Solutions, and Amazon Launchpad, as well as showing the larger enterprises using Indiegogo as a platform to test new product ideas like WLabs, and Motorola. The other two curved walls were a showcase of over 30 successful entrepreneurs, and allowed them to show off their physical products funded on the Indiegogo platform.
The Pink Tank was a neon pink plexiglass meeting room used for entrepreneurs to discuss projects with Indiegogo representatives. It also served as a eye-catching beacon in the center of the convention floor, drawing visitors into the space.
CES 2017 was the first big event showcasing the integration of Arrow Electronics with Indiegogo, with Arrow’s convention space showcasing all the phases of development once beyond the funding process.
I developed an “emoji avatar” concept from the CES 2016 shirts, anthropomorphizing a handful of Indiegogo’s “star” campaigns of the year. These cartoons were also used as stickers for a fun takeaway. Other takeaways included two postcards, one showcasing the benefits of funding a product on Indiegogo, and the other showing the value propositions for Enterprise-sized companies to use Indiegogo as a way to test and fund new product ideas.
Indiegogo Pride Event 2016

Indiegogo hosted an event during Pride month in San Francisco, highlighting some of our LGBTQ+ Campaigns and organized by the company’s LGBTQ+ staff, myself included, and I created shirts, name tags and branding for the inaugural event.