Creme Fatale T-Shirt Design

This t-shirt project blended strong color palettes, retro diner design elements, and atomic age aesthetics to capture the alien nature of Creme’s drag persona.

“Atomic Age” was the overall visual theme, with elements of “kawaii” and cartoon styles. The focus was the varied looks Creme creates. I knew it was important to recreate them as accurately, including the subtle gradation of colors to mimic her immaculate makeup blending. Sparkles were also important! Creme never skimps on the rhinestones and glitter.

The All-Over Pattern
Creme Fatale T-Shirt Art
Artwork Timelapse

Here is a timelapse of the individual illustrations. You can also view them on YouTube by clicking here.

The Photoshoot

We mirrored the pattern motif into the photo backdrop while creating promotional images for the shirt release as well.