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Favorite Albums of 2012

As the year ends I tend to reflect on new music I have added to the collection. This year I got new albums from old favorites as well as new bands I’m excited to follow in their career. I pretty much became obsessed with the new Crystal Castles album, and seeing them live in October was […]

The Lonely Ghost (Fanart)

A power-sketch of Jonathan Strange’s character George Berini, aka The Lonely Ghost! George comes from the short illustrated story “The Lonely Ghost.” It’s super cute and well done, and if you’d like to check it out, you can get it here.

Dogpatch Tech!

Dogpatch Technology (formerly Singing Seal Studios) approached me to assist in rebranding. As a company that has worked in technical consulting, sales, financial, medical, and international markets, Dogpatch Tech is a very diverse company. And to add to that diversity, they are now working on mobile apps in various industries. That diversity proved challenging in […]