Some Songs and the Impending Halloween Weekend

This blog is dedicated to slightly creepy songs/videos as Halloween approaches.
Not quite sure what i’m gonna be doing, what i’ll dress up as, but i love the holiday, the stories that come with it, and candy aint half bad either.
Not much else to say right now, so on to the videos!

One of my absolute favorites is the Donnie Darko inspired video for Bat for Lashes’ “Whats a Girl to Do?” The video greatly compliments the tone and beat of the song.

Next up is “Pretty Mess” by Femme Fatality. The song is pretty violent in tone and the “narrative” of the video reflects the tension and crazed pace of the song. Definitely one of my fave unknown electro groups.

The first Cursive song i ever heard was “Bloody Murderer,” and i was way into the story elements and the energy and creativity of the song. Its dark, and angry, and amazing!

This song is from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack and vocalized by Jon Davis of Korn. While the movie wasn’t exactly an award winner, they did a pretty decent job with the music. The video is heavily inspired by Nosferatu and i love that sort of visual asthetic!

The last video i’ll post has a similar vintage feel to the horror movies of old…its Judgement Day’s “Out of the Abyss”! These are some swell gents that make glorious music that sounds like it belongs in a horror film!