Go figure that my mind waits til the night before Halloween to process the fact that tomorrow is Halloween. All of a sudden I’m excited and in the spirit…lets do this!

Hair has been re-bleached…thrift store purchases torn and shredded and ready for blood application…and a new mix to listen to in the car on the way to Chico!

This isn’t entirely well thought out, and this is just from my current collection of music…if i had time to track down most of what i had before this would be a longer and probably more diverse list…this was mostly going for certain sounds or certain feelings that i associate with Halloween…and the first is a little blatant…ENJOY!

“Halloween” – A.F.I.
“Whats a Girl to Do” – Bat for Lashes
“Operate” – Peaches
“The Bridge” – The Knife
“The Killing Moon” – Echo and the Bunnymen
“Hypnotised” – The Faint
“Out of the Abyss” – Judgement Day
“Bloody Murderer” – Cursive
“Get Confused” – Fischerspooner
“Tesko Suicide” – Sneaker Pimps
“Pretty Mess” – Femme Fatality
“Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Joy Division
“Like a Pen” – The Knife
“Humming” – Portishead
“Skin of the Night” – M83

2 thoughts on “HALLOWEEEEEN

  1. Keilana (BW) says:

    Get Confused! Love Will Tear Us Apart! I don't think I've even ever heard of any of the others, but those are two of my absolute favorites. Joy Division: totally underappreciated.

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