Quite a Weekend…

I’m gonna start this post with my Thursday (October 8th) night. I went to the Boardwalk in Orangevale and saw Touche Amore, The Dear Hunter, Fall of Troy, and THURSDAY. Now, I’ve seen Thursday before, at the Warfield in San Francisco. They’re a band that I’ve listened to since sophomore year of high school. Classic teenage angst scenario. But there’s a power behind their music that I’ve always hung on to, and their socially/politically driven lyrics keep it interesting. I’ll wrap up the San Francisco show as being…lackluster. But the Boardwalk show was very intimate, and VERY powerful, left me wanting more. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve been to! The live rendition of “Between Rupture and Rapture” was hard enough to send chills down my spine and make everyone in the room move, in one way or another.
Having listened to Thursday for so long, you start picking out symbols used repeatedly. One that particularly stands out is anything that documents time; clocks, watches, calendars…which leads me to my favorite Thursday song, “Jet Black New Year.”

I worked friday…blah.
Saturday, had some friends visit from Chico. We went out and somehow managed to synchronize a transition from “having a good time” to “what happened last night?” After a couple hours at Press Club, we came back to the house where my downstairs neighbors invented a “night club” of their own. Sorry guys, VIP only. HAH.

After piecing together our lives this morning and making a tasty breakfast, me and the gang went to see Zombieland. It was one of the most gratifying movies I’ve ever seen. Everything about it made me happy in one way or another, and none of it really felt over the top in a blatant way. It did a very good job of making you quickly attached to characters you know little to nothing about, with most of them not even using their real character names. It’s always an odd feeling when you find violence lending itself to physical humor, and laughing hysterically at the meeting of baseball bat and brains. Zombies are the only horror icon I’ve ever really had nightmares about, and the movie definitely fed my brain things that my subconcious will use against me at a later date. I laughed a LOT. Very fun movie, one of my faves this year! I’ll probably see it again before it leaves theaters!

And at the close of this Sunday eve, I think I’ve developed my second head cold in a month. Nyquil is my friend.

2 thoughts on “Quite a Weekend…

  1. Andra & Travis says:

    I really want to see this! Except Travis hates movie theaters because he swears he always has to sit next to the overflowing-out-of-their-seat movie goer who talks too much and chews his popcorn and Mike n ike's like he's munching on bits of ground glass. So, we'll have to wait until it comes out on the torrents- I mean, DVD….

    Post Script- My captcha word was "fatera", which perfectly describes my expanding waistline. HOW DOES IT KNOW!?!?

  2. brandon says:

    If it helps get you in the theater, tell him it wasnt very crowded on a sunday afternoon! i like going to the theater, but usually make sure its a few weeks into the release so i dont fight crowds on opening weekends…

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