I Suck at Blogging.

I really do. I don’t know what it is that holds me back from properly keeping up with posts and whatnot. Maybe it’s the lack of readers? Who knows. ANYHOW. I recently (TODAY) finished the album packaging for Hot Mess. While you won’t be seeing photos of the completed project for about another month, you can see a little of what I’ve put together for them on their site

In commemoration of finishing such a fun, wonderful and SEXY project, I decided to post my process work from the last year or so trying to come up with a logo for them. We went through a lot of versions, trying to peg down the “image” they wanted to present. Key words like sexy, trendy, retro, dark, pop, edgy, glamorous, old-Hollywood, film noir and flashy were thrown around as we came up with the look and feel of the final logo. Ideas ranged from super-modern clean fonts for that “pop” and trendy feel, to the retro Munster’s inspired ideas. Due to availability issues, they had to go with www.hotmesslovesyou.com for their website, so the incorporation of the heart logo started to bring everything together. In one of the last discussions we had prior to creating the final logo, they told me “we want it to look like an old broke-down hotel sign”…and so, the Hot Mess logo was born!! Hope you like! And stay tuned for a follow-up when the final printed product is in my hands!

Click To See Large Version!

AND! Now that this is done, my freelance palette is effectively CLEARED. I’ll be focusing on The Skeleton Bandit for a while! I’m gonna say pages will start being posted by the end of May…don’t hold me to it though. hah! Been working out the last bit of details with Randy, hopefully we’ll be rollin’ on it soon!

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  1. Kennedy says:

    Thanks for showing all the alternate logos… it's interesting to see how it developed into the final logo.

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