The Bat-Family

So, if you know me at all…you know how much I love Batman, and everything that comes with the books, movies and characters (excluding Joel Schumachers films and the Halle Berry Catwoman…yeesh…).
I’ve seen Batman Returns ~200 times since it came out in 1992. yeah. i know…

On top of enjoying the various forms of media Batman comes in, I also enjoy creating some fanart every once in a while. I’ve been reading a lot of the current bat-family trades with Dick Grayson as bats and so on. Decided to play with some drawing techniques while I drew the Grayson Batman, Damian as Robin, Tim Drake as Red Robin (in his “dream costume” from recent Red Robin issues), Kate Kane as Batwoman, and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.

Click for larger version!

A few weeks ago I was watching some of the animated series from the 90s, and also reminiscing about how goofy/fun the 60s live-action show was, and wanted to draw me some Barbara Gordon Batgirl, in all her sparkly purple glory!

Click for larger version!