Hot Mess

Album Packaging Design, Illustration and Branding

Waiting to Burn (2013)

Hot Mess wanted to work with me again on their 2013 EP, Waiting to Burn. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Hot Mess was able to work with Grammy-winning producer Chad Carlson. The new logo and packaging reflected the refined, clean, and professional sound that Hot Mess was evolving into. I worked closely with the band to establish the visuals in illustrated form.

Learn to Sleep With the Light On (2011)

Nashville Indie-Pop band and Chico, CA natives Hot Mess approached me for logo concepts as they were putting together their debut album. The band name alone leant itself to the style of the project, and the members gave me key words for the direction they wanted their image to go. Terms like sexy, trendy, retro, dark, pop, edgy, glamorous, old-Hollywood, film noir and flashy were thrown around in the ideation process. The closer we got to the final logo, a heart was incorporated to reflect their love songs, as well as enforce their web presence with their website being named