Editorial Design

Course Hero
“Lessons in Teaching” 

Course Hero wanted to expand their educational materials focused on educators to help engage their audience and entice new signups on their educator community. I worked with the content marketing team to adapt online articles into printed books for an Educators Summit in summer of 2019. Each book focused on a key subject area, using the visual template I developed.

Indiegogo Sales
Enablement Booklet

As Indiegogo expanded focus to technology-based projects, the sales team wanted collateral to pitch the platform to potential new campaigners looking to fund their project on a crowdfunding site. In collaboration with marketing and sales, I designed this 11″ x 8.5″ sales enablement booklet featuring value propositions, success stories of technology campaigns, and basic introductions to the Indiegogo brand. It was presented to prospective campaigners in one-on-one meetings or trade shows as a takeaway.

Indiegogo Success story Sales Brochure

HNTB Project Proposals


At HNTB, I would provide graphic design for highly detailed project proposal layouts and infographics for airport, light rail, and other architecture/engineering projects. In my time there, I completed five winning proposals for projects valued at over $10 million, including the high-profile BART extension to Warm Springs.