A collection of my favorite projects. Click the images to explore each section.


Graphic Design for Brand and Marketing Initiatives


A diverse range of subjects and styles, hand-drawn and digital

Hot Mess

Packaging design, illustration and branding for Chico, CA indie band.

Black Mast

Design, illustration, and photography for merch company

Branding & Logos

Graphic design in branding for tech, music, nightlife, and more

Team Shark Week

Illustration, design and branding for Chico, CA electro band.

Creme Fatale

Merch illustration and design for San Francisco based drag queen.


Project proposals layout design for Architecture & Engineering firm.

Doc Prop

Packaging design, photography and branding for CA-based rapper.


Illustration commissions for merchandise and promotion

Disney Halloween

Self-initiated sketch challenge as promo tie-in for a t-shirt launch