Indiegogo (Coming soon)

Senior Designer for Marketing and Brand

  • Collaborate with marketing to develop assets to promote new product initiatives. For example, the 2015 “Holiday Favorites” initiative, which drove over $300,000 in funds raised on the Indiegogo platform.
  • Create and manage visual assets for use across the desktop and mobile versions of the product, as well as social media, blog, print marketing collateral, and more.
  • Create signage and visual assets for Indiegogo events (CES 2016 and 2017, LGBTQ Pride happy hour, Hardware Happy Hour, etc.)
  • Create infographics to reflect crowdfunding campaign successes, as well as infographics educating users on how to run a successful campaign.
  • Manage and enforce brand guidelines to ensure consistency of the Indiegogo brand across many channels and teams.
  • Art Direct 3rd party designers (such as convention booth exhibit contractors and in-house freelancers) to stay on-brand.