About Brandon Redenius:

I am a San Francisco-based graphic designer and illustrator, with over ten years of experience in branding, marketing design, merchandise design, and print production management.

A self-taught artist and professionally trained graphic designer, my mind is constantly buzzing with creative ideas. My portfolio consists of merchandise, print material, architecture & project proposals, album packaging, environmental graphics and branding for both large companies and independent artists and entertainers.

Because of that steady stream of creative ideas and my self-motivating DIY mindset, I founded Black Mast with my friend Marie as an outlet for t-shirt designs and illustration work. It’s been a way for me to grow my freelance client base and connect with my own community.

With a versatile range of skills, drive, and professional attitude, I take on new projects with an open mind and a decade of professional experience to efficiently deliver the best end product possible. And I might know where to get your next t-shirt printed.